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Urban revolution with the new KingSong S16 electric unicycle!

Let’s ride swiftly and gracefully!

In the increasingly crowded landscape of urban micromobility, a new innovation promises to redefine the rules of the game. Today, we are excited to introduce you to the KingSong S16, an extraordinary evolution in the world of Electric Unicycles (EUCs). Finally, we witness a paradigm shift from one of the world’s leading manufacturers, who have listened to their fans and decided to introduce a unicycle that is accessible to all, even in terms of portability…

Agility and Style United in a Singular Design:

The KingSong S16 arrives with the goal of surpassing every agility limit on city streets. With bold design and cutting-edge technology, this EUC offers smooth and intuitive navigation through urban traffic. The introduction of wide non-slip pedals with metal pins ensures secure riding without compromising comfort. Daily commutes will never be the same, thanks to an agile riding experience that transforms every road into your personal track!

Power at Your Command:

The true heartbeat of the KS S16 is its exceptional motor, ready to take on any urban challenge. With a nominal power of 2800W and energy peaks of up to 4500W, this motor combines power and performance in a single riding experience. The 16×3″ wheel not only offers superior stability but also tackles slopes of up to 40° with surprising ease. No matter how steep the road, this electric unicycle will conquer every ascent with confidence and determination. And with a maximum speed of 50 km/h, you’ll have full control of your urban adventures, offering a blend of power and safety that allows you to move through the city with style and reliability.

Inexhaustible Energy:

The beating heart of the KS S16 is its battery. With a voltage of 84V and a capacity of 1480Wh, this battery is the true driving force behind your adventures. The manufacturer-declared range reaches an impressive 130 km, allowing you to cover long distances without interruption. And when it’s time to recharge, the 5A fast charging system gets you back in the saddle in the blink of an eye.

Integrated Safety and Intelligence:

The battery comes equipped with a SMART BMS that goes beyond simple energy delivery. This system offers multiple protection layers, ensuring maximum safety during usage. Furthermore, thanks to real-time battery safety monitoring, you can enjoy your ride with complete peace of mind. With the KingSong S16, safety is a fundamental element, allowing you to experience each journey with confidence and serenity.

Tailored Comfort with Customized Suspension:

Attention to detail is what sets the KS S16 apart. Equipped with an adjustable rebound spring suspension system that offers an 88mm travel, this unicycle provides a smooth and comfortable ride even on uneven roads. Your journeys won’t just be agile; they’ll also be incredibly comfortable.

Portability Without Compromises:

The era of tailored mobility is here, thanks to the portable design of the KS S16. Weighing 33kg, with a compact size and a 16-inch wheel, this unicycle is among the top choices to become the ideal travel companion. With its integrated trolley and kickstand, whether you’re a commuter taking the train or an urban explorer traversing different neighborhoods, the KS S16 adapts seamlessly to your lifestyle.

Illuminate Your Path:

Another distinctive feature is its lighting, with 148 RGB LEDs distributed across the entire body of the vehicle. These dazzling lights not only enhance visibility at night but also transform every journey into a unique sensory experience. There are two headlight, formed by very bright 4x5W LEDs. Customize your path with a range of lighting effects, making every ride a statement of style and innovation.

Ride Swiftly and Freely --- King Song S16

Credits: KingSong International

KingSong S16 / S16 Pro

 1,999.00 2,199.00

Delivery in 2-5 working days (only for European Union countries)


TOP SPEED - 50 - 60 km/h
POWER- 2800W -3000W
WEIGHT- 33 kg
BATTERY- 84V 1480Wh
SUSPENSION- Adjustable spring 88mm


Specifications of  KingSong S16 Pro:
Max. Speed: 60KM/h
Max. Gradeability: 48°
Battery cell: SAMSUNG 50S
Rated Power: 3000W (5000W peak power) – 16×3 inch wheel

Specifications of KingSong S16:
Max. Speed: 50KM/h
Max. Gradeability: 40°
Battery cell: SAMSUNG 50GB
Rated Power: 2800W (4500W peak power) – 16×3 inch wheel

Product description

  • Battery with new BMS SMART 84V 1480Wh for a range up to 120/130 km
  • Non-slip pedals have the same dimensions as KS S22 Pro, 277×130 mm.
  • 148 LED LAMP BEADS: RGB dazzling lights, enjoy speed with color & glow
  • Suspension: 88mm suspension Travel with coil adjustable damping  750lbs
  • Innovative 32 x 32 dot Matrix display
  • Bluetooth Speaker: 10Wx2 tweeter and 15Wx2 bass for an 3D immersive sound effects
  • Front lights composed of 4 x 5W that provide optimal visibility in night driving conditions
  • Stand fully integrated
  • Handle high strenght
  • Quick charge: 20W Type-C – 15W USB-A
  • DUAL GX12-4 charge socket

Technical features


Brand Name


Model Name




Max load:


Charging Time:

About 4h

Tire Size:





33 kg

BT Speaker:

10Wx2 tweeter - 15Wx2 bass

Charging port:

2 GX 12-4


Output: DC 84V 5A


4x5W LEDs



Motor Power



50 km/h

Non-loading speed: 


Battery capacity:



100 km



Suspension travel:



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Kingsong S16/S16 Pro electric unicycle: 3000W hollow motor – 16×3″ – 84V 1480Wh SMART BMS – 88mm suspension travel – BT speaker 10Wx2, 15Wx2 – RGB light – USB-C/A

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