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Inmotion Adventure V14 euc

Inmotion V14 Adventure – FIRST teaser!!



After months of waiting, Inmotion decided to surprise us by presenting this innovative trail wheel as never seen before. On August 15, 2023 Inmotion released the first teaser in which it revealed the design and some technical features about the performance of the V14. An EUC ready to break all records and position itself in a fledgling market segment-will…it be able to prove it? Let’s find out!


The design of Inmotion Adventure (V14) has harder, squarer lines than its V12 and V13. The colors chosen are again orange and black giving an attractive look. The parts most exposed to impact are protected by bumpers, including at the rear of the batteries. It has front and rear handles for easy carrying and braking. The wide honeycomb pedals are with melted pins. front and rear mudguard is present. As seen in video there are power pads but it is not yet known if they will be included or will be accessories that can be purchased separately…

Power at Your Command:

Welcome to the era of electric adventure with the Inmotion Adventure. Equipped with a powerful motor and impressive features, this unicycle is ready to tackle any terrain in style.

The beating heart of this technological marvel is a 4000W motor, capable of delivering peaks of power up to 9000W. The Inmotion Adventure is poised to give you the boost you need to conquer steep hills and accelerate rapidly, ensuring a smooth and effortless ride at all times.

With an impressive torque of 850 Nm, the motor transforms every impulse of your body into powerful movement, allowing you to traverse rugged terrain and tackle uphill challenges with ease. Its 16-inch wheel offers a perfect balance between maneuverability and stability, enabling you to navigate your path with precision.

The Inmotion Adventure boasts an extraordinary climbing capability, with a gradeability of 50°. This means you can conquer the most demanding ascents without slowing down, maintaining total control on any surface. Whether you’re exploring slopes or crossing rough trails, this unicycle is ready for any challenge you present to it.

Raptor controller:

To ensure continuous and efficient power output we have once again adopted the Raptor controller used in the V13 festuring a modular design and tidy wiring along with motorcycle-grade waterproof connectors. The controller incorporates 42 Mosfets and 18 capacitors providing over 40% voltage margin and supporting a continuous current output of up to 450A; ensuring long-lasting and stable high-power performance.


At present there is not much information about the suspension of Inmotion V14. What we can deduce from looking at the teaser video is that it will have a hydraulic spring suspension with adjustable rebound, and the sliders will be two Begode-style center forks probably with a travel greater than 100mm. We can expect a very smooth and responsive suspension, great for off-roading, doing jumps or big steps but also for enjoying the city without worries. More technical information about the suspension system will be released on August 22.

Battery and conclusion:

We don’t have battery information yet, but in our opinion, we can expect a battery around 2000Wh and a voltage similar to that of the V13 (126V). This is because the Inmotion V14 positions itself as a direct competitor to the Extreme Bull Commander Mini, Leaperkim Veteran Patton, and Begode Extreme, which are currently the three most powerful 16-inch electric unicycles on the market. Additionally, it’s certain that this model will also feature a Smart BMS, as seen on all Inmotion unicycles starting from the V12.

Coming soon

On August 22nd, there will be a second teaser where the specifications of the suspension system will be revealed.

On September 1st, the official presentation of the Inmotion V14 will take place. Stay tuned!

INMOTION Adventure 1st Teaser: Performance

Credits: Inmotion Global


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