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inmotion adventure v14 electric unycicle

Inmotion V14 Adventure – LAUNCH



The new INMOTION Adventure electric unicycle delivers unmatched off-road performance with industry-leading power, torque, and cooling. Expertly engineered suspension, swappable batteries, and IPX6 waterproofing allow thrill-seeking riders to conquer any terrain. Experience endless off-road adventure with Adventure’s rugged power and handling now!

Power and Safety:

Welcome to the era of electric adventure with the Inmotion Adventure. Equipped with a powerful motor and impressive features, this unicycle is ready to tackle any terrain in style.

The beating heart of this technological marvel is a 4000W motor, capable of delivering peaks of power up to 9000W and a maximum power limit of 12000W. Its motor’s spin speed can reach 110 km/H. Adventure can accelerate from 0 to 50 km/H in only 2.5 seconds. The motor is equipped with C40 magnet, can provide greater torque and power.

With an impressive wheel tractive force of 850 Nm, the motor transforms every impulse of your body into powerful movement, 200 Nm of motor torque. Its 16×3 inch wheel offers a perfect balance between maneuverability and stability, enabling you to navigate your path with precision. The Inmotion Adventure boasts an extraordinary climbing capability, with a gradeability of 50°.

Coupled with 6 mm2 phase wires, the motor’s overcurrent caacity is stronger easily supporting higher continuous current output. The motor temperature’s has been reduced by 50%, maintaining high reliability. This ensure safety even in harsh riding conditions, preventing overheating-related safety hazards. The motor is made from the highest quality aluminium alloy, A365.2-T6, allowing it to easily tackle various jumps and bumpy challenges.

Employs oil seal technology, ensuring excellent sealing performance with a waterproof rating of IPX6, additionally, it is equipped with a motor temperature sensor to monitor the internal temperature in real-time.

Sport Mode

In the Sport Mode, Adventure’s acceleration response
increases by 47%, achieving genuine high-power output
to meet demands of steep slopes, ramps, and other
demanding off-road scenarios.

Comfort Mode

The Comfort Mode provides the wheel with
smoother and more stable power response.


Raptor controller:

To ensure continuous and efficient power output we have once again adopted the Raptor controller used in the V13 festuring a modular design and tidy wiring along with motorcycle-grade waterproof connectors. The controller incorporates 42 Mosfets with a voltage rating of 200V and a high current capacity of 135A providing over 40% voltage margin. Combined with 18 capacitors they can support a continuous current output of up to 450A; ensuring long-lasting and stable high-power performance.


The Adventure adopts high-end, fatigue-resistant, and stress-relaxation-resistant alloy springs used in premium off-road motorcycles and automobiles. Its front section has a stiffness of 600 lbs/in, ensuring a softer and smoother suspension for mild uneven road surfaces. The rear section is 970 lbs/in, ensuring rebound performance on demanding off-road segments while protecting rider’s knees. The suspension travel is 85mm. Adventure is Inmotion’s first model tested with a rider weighing 90 kg that can perform a one-meter drop without bottoming out. The Adventure’s suspension system it’s adjustable including up to 8 levels of rebound damping, 17 levels of compression damping and a spring preload adjustment knob. The Inmotion team has also introduced motorcycle industry technology adding oil seals and low-friction bushings to the suspension structure. This helps prevent foreign objects and sand from entering the suspension system, enhancing its smoothness and longevity. If you want to DIY the suspension, Adventure supports that as welll. It comes with a standard 200mm eye to eye distance allowing you to easily purchase the shock you need online.

Battery and Safety:

Adventure also feature the industry’s first quick-release battery, allowing foor the replacement of all battery in just a few minutes. This addresses users’ concerns about battery life and also enhance the wheel’s long term maintenance efficiency. Is equipped with four individual battery pack for a capacity of 2400Wh. The entire wheel structure was redesigned enabling users to easily remove all batteries without dismantling the controller; this is a unique design in the current EUC industry. “This time, we’re introducing the industry’s fastest charging speed: 5 minutes of charging for a 10 km ride. In just one hour, you can charge the battery up to 80% battery. All this is made possible by our in house developed rapid charging feature for the battery pack, with the wheel supporting a maximum charging current of 16A.”

This new electric unicycle features a Smart Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors the real-time information of each cell in the battery pack. This allows the BMS to detect any battery abnormalities, such as overcharging, overcurrent, or short circuit, and promptly alert the rider with recommended actions. This ensures the rider’s complete safety throughout the journey.

The BMS also has a balancing function that helps to equalize the voltage of each cell in the battery pack. This helps to prevent battery voltage differences, which can lead to potential unknown risks. The balancing function is especially important for electric unicycles that use lithium-ion batteries, which are prone to voltage imbalance.

Here are some of the benefits of the Smart Battery Management System in an electric unicycle:

  • Increased safety: The BMS can detect and alert the rider to any battery abnormalities, which can help to prevent accidents.
  • Extended battery life: The BMS can help to equalize the voltage of each cell in the battery pack, which helps to prevent battery degradation.
  • Improved performance: The BMS can help to optimize the battery’s performance, resulting in longer rides and faster speeds.

INMOTION Adventure Launch Event 2023

Credits: Inmotion Global


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