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Kaabo Wolf King GTR – Review

Wolf King GTR


Electric scooters have revolutionized urban commuting, blending convenience, speed, and eco-friendliness. Among the exceptional options in this domain, the recently launched Kaabo Wolf King GTR stands out as a true powerhouse, promising exhilarating rides and superior performance. In this in-depth review, we’ll analyze the significant improvements that set the Wolf King GTR apart from its predecessor, the Wolf King GT Pro, highlighting its strengths and areas for potential enhancement.

kaabo wolf king gtr

Evolution of Power and Control:

One of the standout upgrades in the Kaabo Wolf King GTR is its transition to 12-inch hybrid offroad tires, a step up from the previous 11-inch options. This enhancement significantly boosts versatility, empowering riders to confidently tackle diverse terrains.

12 inch tires



Evolution of Power and Control:

The shift from two 50-amp controllers to a single 100-amp controller ensures smoother acceleration and more precise control, enhancing the overall riding experience. The introduction of the new S mode, activated by a double-tap, delivers a burst of power at 110 amps, emphasizing the scooter’s commitment to exceptional performance.

Convenience Redefined:

The Kaabo Wolf King GTR elevates convenience with several thoughtful features. The addition of a removable battery is a game-changer, simplifying charging and maintenance.

Adjustable suspension in the front and rear ensures a comfortable ride across various terrains. The latch mechanism that securely holds the scooter when folded is a small yet significant touch that enhances portability. Additionally, the removable rim from the motor hub streamlines tire changes, making maintenance hassle-free.

Integration of the trigger throttle and control module into a single unit is a notable improvement, enhancing control and responsiveness. The deck LEDs performing dual functions as turn signals and brake lights add an extra layer of safety, improving visibility for both the rider and surrounding traffic.

A motorcycle-grade horn commands attention, ensuring a secure ride. The crisp TFT LCD display, complete with memory functionality, is a welcome addition, providing clear readouts even under direct sunlight.

What We Love About the Kaabo Wolf King GTR:

– Smooth and fast acceleration due to sine wave controllers.

– Stability at high speeds.

– Bright lights that enhance safety during night rides.

– Versatile with adjustable suspension and hybrid off-road tires suitable for all terrains.

– Loud, motorcycle-grade horn.

– Wide handlebars for improved control.

– Crisp TFT LCD display readable even in direct sunlight.

– IPX5 water resistance rating.

– Puncture-resistant tires.

– Password protection for enhanced security.

– Turn signal indicators.

– Tall steering pole and high clearance.

kaabo wolf king gtr
kaabo wolf king gtr
Areas for Improvement (Critiques):

– Smoked-out rear lens cover affecting turn signal and brake light visibility in daylight.

– Zoom hydraulic brakes susceptible to air bubbles, requiring careful maintenance.

– Heavier weight at 63 kg.

– Locking mechanism for the removable battery needs improved durability.

– The cover for the battery locking mechanism should stay securely in place.

– The locking mechanism when folded tends to pop out easily when lifting the scooter.


The Kaabo Wolf King GTR electric scooter emerges as a formidable contender, seamlessly blending power, performance, and convenience. Its upgrades, notably the hybrid offroad tires, single 100-amp controller, and adjustable suspension, position it as a significant advancement from its predecessor, the Wolf King GT Pro.

While minor concerns exist, such as visibility issues with the smoked-out lens cover and potential air bubbles in the brakes, the Wolf King GTR’s impressive features, including the integrated throttle and control module, make it a strong competitor in the electric scooter market. If you’re in search of an electrifying ride that offers an exceptional balance of speed, stability, and versatility, the Kaabo Wolf King GTR might just be your perfect urban companion.


Credits: Kaabo Electric Scooters


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