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Never Wheel Up

leaperkim veteran lynx

Leaperkim Veteran Lynx – FIRST 151V EUC!

Leaperkim Veteran Lynx – The ultimate racing wheel!
151.2 Volt – Smart BMS – New magnesium alloy

Leaperkim Veteran Lynx focuses everything on exaggerated performance and safety first. it is the first Leaperkim EUC to adopt a smart BMS and the first in the world to have a 151.2V battery. The Fastace-branded hydraulic damping system makes riding incredibly comfortable and satisfying. It fears no rival!

leaperkim veteran lynx
Motor power:

The beating heart of this technological marvel is a 3200W motor oil seal waterproof. It’s a 20x2.75 inch wheel, made from magnesium alloy motor rim and capable of delivering peaks of power up to 8000W. It’s motor’s spin speed can reach 168 km/H but they’ve reined in the controller to limit the max rotational speed 125 km/H, in an effort to reduce the risks the speed is electronically controlled.


GX20-5P Dual charge ports support  – Max 15A charging

Charger: 151.2V 5A – Charge time: 4h (5A), 2h (10A)

Leaperkim veteran lynx motor

This new electric unicycle features a Smart Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors the real-time information of each cell in the battery pack. This allows the BMS to detect any battery abnormalities, such as overcharging, overcurrent, or short circuit, and promptly alert the rider with recommended actions. This ensures the rider’s complete safety throughout the journey.

The BMS also has a balancing function that helps to equalize the voltage of each cell in the battery pack. This helps to prevent battery voltage differences, which can lead to potential unknown risks. The balancing function is especially important for electric unicycles that use lithium-ion batteries, which are prone to voltage imbalance.

Here are some of the benefits of the Smart Battery Management System in an electric unicycle:

  • Increased safety: The BMS can detect and alert the rider to any battery abnormalities, which can help to prevent accidents.
  • Extended battery life: The BMS can help to equalize the voltage of each cell in the battery pack, which helps to prevent battery degradation.
  • Improved performance: The BMS can help to optimize the battery’s performance, resulting in longer rides and faster speeds.
Leaperkim Veteran Lynx controller
Leaperkim’s 5th Gen controller:

Controller is double layers modular design. Using alluminum plate, coppers bars and columns to accelerate conductivity and dissipate heat. 36 MOS withstand 200V voltage and support max 840A current. 200V 140A MOS Self-development 5th Gen controller. This ensure safety even in harsh riding conditions, preventing overheating-related safety hazards.

Fastace brand hydraulic adjustable shock absorber system:

Leaperkim’s shock absorber system boasts many features that make it one of the most comfortable cushioning systems for driving:
– 12mm preload adjustable
– Compression / Rebound 18 clicks
– 90mm travel range
– Pressure relief valve

You can choose 2 versions of the shock absorber:

66lbs or 70lbs according to your weight and use.

Battery and Safety:

The new Leaperkim Lynx has an incredible 151.2V battery voltage that allows it to achieve unprecedented traction and power.
The capacity of the battery pack is 2700Wh and allows for high range.
Leaperkim Lynx is produced in two versions with SAMSUNG 50S or 50E cells.

The Samsung 50S stands out for its generous 5000 mAh rated capacity, offering about 4 percent more energy than the Samsung 50E. This advantage results in an extended range for electric vehicles, allowing drivers to enjoy longer travel time. In addition, the Samsung 50S exhibits superior performance at high currents, maintaining a higher voltage for a longer period of time during acceleration and demanding activities. This results in a more powerful and smooth driving experience.

The Samsung 50E is distinguished by its estimated durability of 500-800 cycles, higher than the 300-500 cycles of the Samsung 50S. This means that the Samsung 50E can sustain more intensive use and last longer before showing signs of performance degradation. In addition, the Samsung 50E offers reliable performance even at high currents, keeping the voltage relatively stable during demanding activities. This feature ensures a consistent and robust driving experience.

leaperkim lynx specs, sizes

Credits: Guangzhou Veteran-Leaperkim Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 


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