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hiley tiger 10 lite

Hiley Tiger 10 Lite – Best e-scooter in its price range!

Hiley Tiger 10 Lite – Don’t give up anything!!
52V 20.8Ah – 1000W x2 motors
hydraulic adjustable suspension

Embark on exhilarating city rides with the Hiley Tiger 10 Lite, an electric scooter that blends thrilling performance with exceptional comfort and safety. Its powerful dual motors deliver a maximum output of 2000W, propelling you to speeds of up to 65 km/h. Conquer challenging terrains with its impressive climbing ability of 25-30°, ensuring you seamlessly navigate even the steepest hills.

Unleash the Power of Dual Motors:

The Hiley Tiger 10 Lite boasts two high-performance motors, each generating 1000W of power. This impressive combination unleashes exceptional acceleration and a top speed of 60-65 km/h, allowing you to effortlessly cover long distances and conquer city streets with ease.

We recommend use only in private areas, you must comply with the law of your country

Long-Range Riding and Durable Wheels:

Experience the freedom to explore without limitations with the Hiley Tiger 10 Lite’s generous 75 km range. Its large 52V 20.8Ah battery ensures you can travel throughout the city without worrying about running out of power. The scooter’s 10*3.0-inch CST city tubeless tires provide excellent traction and durability, handling even rough road surfaces with confidence.

Premium Features for Enhanced Safety and Comfort:

The Hiley Tiger 10 Lite prioritizes safety and comfort with a comprehensive array of features. Its front and rear oil brakes, coupled with an electric brake, provide powerful and responsive stopping power. The NUTT brand brakes ensure exceptional reliability and performance.

Illuminate Your Ride with Style

Embrace a safer and more stylish ride with the Hiley Tiger 10 Lite’s comprehensive lighting system. Its head lamp with horn enhances visibility, while front and rear deck lights and brake lights ensure you’re seen from all angles. Additionally, RGB lights on the deck and stem add a touch of dynamic flair, and you can even customize the lighting color with the accompanying APP.

Smart LCD Display and NFC Lock

Stay informed and secure with the Hiley Tiger 10 Lite’s smart LCD display. It provides real-time information on speed, battery level, riding mode, and more. For added security, the scooter features an NFC lock that can be unlocked with your smartphone or a compatible card.

Hydraulic Suspension for Smooth Rides

Experience a comfortable and smooth ride even on uneven surfaces with the Hiley Tiger 10 Lite’s front and rear hydraulic suspension. This advanced suspension system effectively absorbs bumps and vibrations, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable ride even on challenging terrains.

Compact and Portable for Easy Storage

The Hiley Tiger 10 Lite folds compactly for easy storage and transportation. Its dimensions of 1230 * 680 * 1300 mm (L * W * H) make it manageable even in tight spaces, and its lightweight design of 29 kg allows for effortless carrying.

One color option: Black + Silver Grey

The Hiley Tiger 10 Lite is available in one stylish color options: Black + Silver Grey. Each color exudes elegance and sophistication, perfectly complementing your personal style.

Elevate Your Urban Mobility with the Hiley Tiger 10 Lite

The Hiley Tiger 10 Lite is the ultimate electric scooter for individuals seeking a powerful, versatile, and comfortable ride. With its dual motors, long-range battery, advanced safety features, and stylish design, the Hiley Tiger 10 Lite is the perfect companion for conquering the city streets with confidence and style.

Credits: Ningbo Hiley Technology Co., Ltd.


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